Repost of Jessica Christensen-Sim

Although the original page can be found here it is entirely possible this amazing repository of Justin Jay Shrenger’s real estate schemes might disappear. For that reason, we’re reposting it on our blog as well. Unfortunately, it’s too complicated to recreate all the links. However, this is only the beginning as we recreate Jessica’s stunning, multi-year research that provides tremendous insight into Justin Jay Shrenger’s network of front companies and real estate schemes.

Justin Shrenger Esq : 550 South Hope Street, 20th Floor, Los Angeles, California 90071
Justin J. Shrenger Esq.
Justin Shrenger: Murphy Shrenger & Weiss, Los Angeles, CA.

In 2009 I called the attorney who represented Veronica Love in Los Angeles County, (Case #20071891085) ..Michael Wimberly,Veronica Love, Morris Rothe, Tina F. Cole, William C. Burton, Donnell D. Burrows, Burrows Realty Services, et al..The attorney’s contact info was in the court records for the case. He said he went to school with Justin, I don’t recall his name.

When I told him my and my husband’s name (Brad Sims) he got real excited & said he had a friend who would be SO surprised to hear from me and kept repeating “I can’t believe you called me !! Justin will be SO surprised!! ..I can’t believe I’m talking to you !! ..on & on as if it would be a real treat for his friend Justin Shrenger to hear from me, as if Justin had been searching for me, as if I had disappeared & was now amazingly found. He said he couldn’t tell me what it was that he was so excited about, because Justin “would get mad” at him if he did; it would be best for Justin to tell me all about it himself. This guy was absolutely thrilled to have “found” me, and he kept saying he couldn’t wait to call Justin & give him my phone number.

But I didn’t get a call from Justin so I called his attorney friend again a few days later and asked for Justin’s office number…and Justin was certainly NOT happy to hear my voice on the phone. He was very quiet and asked if my husband was a member of the Russian mafia. (I said no, he’s not Russian, heh) He also asked for all the real estate research and corporate information I had, much of which I summarized & sent, via email.

I also called the D.A.’s assistant whose name was on the case : Stephen Nicolopulos. He said he worked in the Los Angeles County Real Estate Fraud Division. I pointed out to Mr. Nicolopulos that Morris Rothe is a fictional identity and Veronica Love looked questionable too. (There are 100’s of “Love” Trusts that appear to be affiliated with Michael Wimberly, a Hi Point Townhomes member & Yahoo! executive) In addition I pointed out that the people who the property was taken from and the people it was given back to were all related by many real estate transactions, and some of them were aka’s or fictional identities. I thought he seemed very disinterested and discouraging, so I looked at his corporate affiliations to see if there might be a reason for that.

1999: Lawndale Official Indicted on Drug Possession Charges
Stephen Nicolopulos is the owner of Kratos Enterprises LLC (2005) Located @ 3440 Wilshire Blvd Ste 810 Los Angeles, CA 90010
1997: Justin J. Shrenger, A Professional Corporation is located @ 3440 Wilshire Blvd Ste 810 Los Angeles, CA 90010

14429 Firmona Ave. Lawndale, CA 90260
01/24/1995 Sold @ $121,700.00 “This home was foreclosed & bank owned”
03/30/1995 Sold @ $205,000.00
07/12/2006 Sold # $754,000.00 Stephen Nicolopulous to Justin Shrenger
07/12/2006 Lender Name: Inter Mountain MTG
12/30/2009 Sold @ $480,000.00 “This home was Foreclosed & Bank owned”
12/30/2009 Grantor Justin Shrenger, Grantee US Bank National Association Trust, Citigroup Loan 2006 Fx1 (Trust) and C/O Midland Mortgage Co.
10/15/2010 Sold @ $350,000.00

Ground Rush Services : 14429 Firmona Ave. lawndale, Ca. 90260
Ground Rush Asset Management LLC : 2004 – 2006 Florida
Ground Rush Entertainment Inc : Filed in California 2003
Karen R. Bush @ Midland Mortgage Co Filed in Oklahoma 1972. (Karen D. Bush was Brad’s girlfriend 1978 – 1986)

1411 Ellsmere Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90019
08/07/1995 Sold @ $350,000.00
08/23/2004 Sold @ $900,000.00
10/04/2006 Grantor Stephen Nicolopulos / Grantee Polias Enterprises
02/16/2007 Loan @ $630,000.00 / Borrower Polias Enterprises
02/27/2007 Grantor Polias Enterprises / Grantee Greenpoint Mortgage Funding
03/01/2007 Grantor Polias Enterprises / Grantee Alice Vickie Math
2008 Assessment Value: $1,198,500.00
Gonzales Towing : 1411 Ellsmere Ave Los Angeles, Ca. 90019
D.F. Gonzales Towing Inc : Filed in Texas 2007
Miranda’s Janitorial Service : 1411 Ellsmere Ave, Los Angeles, Ca. 90019
Miranda’s Insurance Services: Filed in Florida 2007
Miranda’s Construction Services : Filed in California 2008
Arrington Bryson Co: 1411 Ellsmere Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90019
1997: Bryson Family Apartments LP. Officers include “Wind Up Person Appointed 3/30/09
Wind Up Person Appointed 3/30/09 : Associated with 20 companies
2003: HiPointers Limited, A California Limited Partnership. Officer Jay R De Miranda. Located @ 23 Cottonwood Circle, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274
23 Cottonwood Circle, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274: Corporation Wiki
2001: De Miranda Foundation Inc located @ 23 Cottonwood Circle Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274. Category: Membership Organizations, Nec, Nsk

12423 Lucille St. Los Angeles 90066
05/31/1979 Sold @$15,500.00
12/21/1993 Sold @ $210,000.00 Seller Michael E. Wise to Justin Shrenger
01/16/2007 Loan @ $745,000.00 to Justin J. Shrenger, Erlinda G. Shrenger
2008 Tax Assessment @ $452,552.00

This home was 2 doors down from where Brad & I lived at 5411 Centinela Ave. It always looked empty. Justin Shrenger is listed as an executive on at least 24 different corporations including Polias Enterprises (affiliated w/Vona Snow – see Ventura County case # 56-2008-00317429-CL-UD-VTA, Vona Snow vs Bennie & Jessica Sims), and Jamul Associates. (See Calif UCC Listings : Bradford Carter Sims, William Carter Sims) and multiple Chinese Investment Corporations. He’s an international attorney who travels to China on a regular basis.

After I deleted Justin Shrenger as a friend on Facebook, I got some messages from his (prior, he said) business partner Justin Evans. I posted those FB messages on the Justin Shrenger page. United Diversified Resources (1987) officers were William E. Sims (Brad’s father) and Louis Evans. Coincidence or Justin Evan’s relative.. it would not surprise me to learn that Louis Evans is related to Justin Evans.

Justin’s wife, Erlinda Shrenger, was a (2003) Deputy Attorney General at the California Department of Justice on Spring Strreet in Los Angeles :

Justin Shrenger stayed on my FB page as a friend for more than a year. He never told me that he was affiliated with my in-laws through Morris Rothe, Hi-Point Townhomes, Peter Braun, Jamul Associates, Polias Enterprises.

EverRibbon: Jessica’s Oasis of Hope Hospital Fund
1999: A & B MOTORSPORTS, INC located @ 959 Glenstone, Springfield, MO. 65802 Officer: Brad Sims.
3/9/2005: Sims Properties and Exotic Motorcars, LLC. Agent: Brad Sims located @ 5360 S. Campbell, Suite B Springfield MO 65810
7/29/2005: MOMMA’$ MONEY STORE OF SPRINGFIELD MO LLC. Agent Brad A. Sims located @ 1711 WEST BATTLEFIELD SUITE G Springfield MO 65807
7/29/2005: EXOTIC SPORTSCARS INTERNATIONAL LLC.. Agent Brad A. Sims located @ 1711 WEST BATTLEFIELD SUITE G Springfield MO 65807
2009: Well Connected Inc has a location @ 224 Willowlake Dr Little Elm, TX 75068. Active officers include Brad Simms, Bradford Sims and Alyson Washington. Active. (aka Doyle Oilfield Services 1990)
2009: Jessica Sims, located at 3979 Oil Patch Road Orange, TX 77630, is a private company categorized under Unclassified. Established in 2009 and incorporated in Texas. Annual revenue $84,00 / 2 employees. (361) 442-6185 : Manta profile
2010: Jess Petroleum International LLC: Manager Sims, Jesse M 9489 Sheridan Street Cooper City, FL 33024
2010: Sims Petroleum LLC has a location @ 15801 Pines Blvd Hollywood, FL 33027. Inactive.
Shell : Located @ 9489 Sheridan St Sheridan St & Pine Island Rd Cooper City, FL 33024
2009: Jess Petroleum Inc: Located @ 9179 E Highland Pines Dr Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
1998: 9179 W Highland Pines Dr Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418. Sold @ $100 on 08/07/1998
Ronald Friend : has a location @ 213 Fay Ave Marietta, OH 45750. Ronald Friend has no known officers.The company’s line of business includes Business Services at Non-Commercial Site. : Corporation Wiki >> >>>>> “Ronald Friend” is a company. <>(( A 2007 Lexis Nexis search showed “Brad Sims” to be an executive officer of a “United Talent” company in Los Angeles. I called that company & was told they never heard of him. Recently there is an abundance of new “Brad Sims” profiles posted online like the one below) inactive.
2011: Brad Sims : “President at United Talent Staffing Services (Sole Proprietorship) President at Elizabeth Mills Properties.” (This Brad Sims profile is new. I’ve searched the web for Brad’s name many times since he died in 2007…only in recent times have all these “profiles” shown up. Coincidence ? .. Maybe. Maybe Not.
2010 : KAREN DELGADO : Her Profile used to say “Yahoo! Autos Executive”, now says “Investor Relations Coordinator” : See YAHOO! emails on YAHOO COMPUTERSHARE Page above.
Ratco Productions: a private company categorized under Motion Picture and Tape Distribution. (Fisher Investments)
1977: Ratco Productions, Inc. has a location in Pebble Beach, CA. Active officers include Iris Rainer Dart. Ratco Productions, Inc. filed as a Articles of Incorporation on Friday, September 23, 1977 in the state of California and is currently ACTIVE. Stephen M Dart serves as the registered agent. (RATCO PRODUCTIONS is affiliated with the (2218 Cotner Ave) Los Angeles JUNIOR GYM and was filed on Brad’s 24th birthday.
2760 VIA DEL NOGAL, CAMARILLO, CA (APN 151-0-172-060) Owned by Paul & Dominique Sims (Brad’s sister) : Financed by The Robert H. Feldman Trust.
04/24/1987: Ventura County records: Kanter (8)
VENTURA COUNTY: ROBERT H. FELDMAN: LOMAS & NETTLETON CO (03/25/1987 & 08/08/1990) MORRIS ROTHE (06/30/2006 & /02/02/2007)
2007: Cash Crop Entertainment LLC : 5202 LAVENTURA DR. E. 2402 JACKSONVILLE FL 32210. (Rchard Gallon, Willliam Burton) INACTIVE. SEE: Abstract Judgement Los Angeles, 01/08/2008 : “Grantor William Burton AKA William E. Sims”
2007: Cash Crop Entertainment LLC has a location in Jacksonville, FL. Officers include Richard Gallon and William Burton. INACTIVE. SEE: Abstract Judgement Los Angeles, 01/08/2008 : “Grantor William Burton AKA William E. Sims”
2008: Cash Crop, Inc. has a location in Malibu, CA. Active officers include Scott Ramage (Ramage Construction). Cash Crop, Inc. filed as a Articles of Incorporation on Friday, August 08, 2008 in the state of California and is currently active. James Samuel Knopf serves as the registered agent for this organization. (Scott Ramage: President at Cash Crop, Inc, Calabasas, CA) ACTIVE.
2007: Enterprise Texas Pipeline L.P. has a location @ 1100 Louisiana St Houston, TX 77002. Active officers include Enterprise Holding III, LLC. INACTIVE.
(?) 2010: Jess Petroleum International LLC : 9489 Sheridan Street Cooper City, FL. 33024. INACTIVE. ( SHELL Gas Station at this location)
2005: B.F.F. Entertainment, LLC. has a location in Woodland Hills, CA. Active officers include Caron Feldman. B.F.F. Entertainment, LLC. filed as a Domestic on Friday, February 11, 2005 in the state of California and is currently active. Caron Feldman serves as the registered agent for this organization.The company’s line of business includes Talent Management/Production. ACTIVE.
2011: “FELDMAN MANAGEMENT, LLC/BFF ENTERTAINMENT, LLC” represents ONE of the most talented casting directors whose dedication to selecting quality actors is unmatched”
2011: ACG Board of Directors: Deborah Feldman : Feldman, Berman, Schwartz LLP 30101 Agoura Court, Suite 101 Agoura Hills, CA 91303 (818.707.1465)
2011: Yacoba (“Jaci”) Feldman: Estate Planning | Probate | Conservatorship Attorney at Feldman & Feldman | Feldman Karp & Feldman | Feldman & Karp
1990: Investors Arbitration Services: Deborah L. Feldman @ FELDMAN & KARP 5959 TOPANGA CANYON BOULEVARD SUITE 375 WOODLAND, CA 91367 (Classification: Insurance; financial affairs; monetary affairs; real estate affairs.)
1993: Deborah L. Feldman : Feldman, Karp & Feldman 5959 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Suite 275 Woodland Hills, CA 9136
1991: Feldman, Karp & Feldman has a location in Woodland Hills, CA. Active officers include David I’ Karp. INACTIVE.
2008: Robert Feldman Family Limited Partnership has a location @ 211 S Spalding Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90212. Active officers include The Survivor’s Trust Under Th Trust.
2004: Dunamis Connection LLC (03/18/2004 to 09/16/2005) Florida. INACTIVE.
2005: Dunamis Investments, LLC has a location @ 1550 Madruga Ave Ste 200 Miami, FL 33146 and @ 240 Galen Dr Apt 206 Key Biscayne, FL 33149 Active officers include Robert A Callagy.. ACTIVE.
2006: Dunamis LLC (09/26/2006 to 09/14/2007) Incorporated in Florida from 30141 Agoura Rd. Suite 205 Agoura Hills, CA 91301. INACTIVE.
2010: Dunamis Corp located @ 2415 ARCH CREEK DRIVE NORTH MIAMI BEACH FL 33181. INACTIVE.
Dunamis Investments LLC: (President Robert Callagy, Previously @Goldman Sachs)
White Coast Pool Service : located at 1040 Bollin Ave. Camarillo, CA. 93010. President Rawlin RADLE. Industry: “Land Subdivision”
2006: WHITE COAST INC: White Coast, Inc. has a location in Los Angeles, CA. Active officers include Rafi Akram. White Coast, Inc. filed as a Articles of Incorporation on Tuesday, October 31, 2006 in the state of California and is currently active. Rafi Akram serves as the registered agent for this organization.
WHITE COAST INC: White Coast, Inc. has a location in Laredo, TX. Active officers include Pronto Forwarding, Inc. and Mc Cargo Group, Inc..
2002: Pronto Forwarding, Inc. has a location in Laredo, TX. Active officers include Guillermo De Jesus Huerta Madrigal, Mc Cargo Group, Inc., White Coast, Inc. and Ruben Hernandez Delgado. Pronto Forwarding, Inc. filed as a Domestic For-Profit Corporation on Tuesday, March 05, 2002 in the state of Texas and is currently active. Hector Dominguez serves as the registered agent for this organization.
Mc Cargo Group, Inc. has a location in Laredo, TX. Active officers include Pronto Forwarding, Inc. and White Coast, Inc..
2007: Pronto Freight, Inc. has a location in Laredo, TX. Active officers include Pronto Forwarding, Inc., Mc Cargo Group, Inc. and WHITE COAST, Inc.. Pronto Freight, Inc. filed as a Domestic For-Profit Corporation on Thursday, October 11, 2007 in the state of Texas and is currently active. Guillermo Huerta serves as the registered agent.
(?) WHITE COAST property management & pool service : Spain
2011 : Yahoo! Cuts Deal With Disney’s ABC
2011: DISNEY to take over YAHOO ??
George J. Wimberly of Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo
2011: Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo, Inc. Industry: Integrated Computer Systems Design
2006 : Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo NA, Inc (Capital Assets Inc, Hawaii Capital Assets Inc)
MultiGenerational Wealth Management
1999 : RESUMIX INC. located at 701 First Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94089. The officers include Blake Jorgensen, Michael Callahan, Susan Decker : Not Active.
1999 : RESUMIX INC located at 350 N Saint Paul St Dallas, TX 75201. The officers include Blake Jorgensen, Michael Callahan, Susan Decker : Not Active
2011 : Jaesen Kanter (aka Jason Sims) : Brad’s nephew.
Zuri Star : Michael Sims’ wife. (Brad’s nephew). After Brad died, Michael & Zuri suddenly had a LOT of money to invest in Zuri’s quest for stardom.
2011 : Jaesen Kanter (aka Jason Sims) : Brad’s nephew. Mammoth Media Group.. “Kanter has a history of clients who are environmentally sound, from Disney to the X-Games.”
2011 : Robert F. Callahan : General Atlantic, Network Solutions, The Walt Disney Company
2002 : MICHAEL J. CALLAHAN : YAHOO! INC Deputy General Counsel, Securities and Exchange Commission
1991 – 1994 : CALLAHAN, MCCUNE & WILLIS : Attorney for Defendant SIMS SNOWBOARDS (1986) in lawsuits/Orange County : 01/28/1994; # 724425 / 02/24/1992; # 682257 / 09/24/1991; # 669248
1986 : Sims Snowboards (Jason Sims) 1395 S Lyon St Santa Ana, CA 92705. Legal counsel, CALLAHAN, MCCUNE & WILLIS (1991). (Tucows, inc.) : Registrant: Dominique Kanter 2760 East Via Del Nogal Camarillo, CA 93010 (Brad’s sister)
2011: Paul Kanter : Brad’s brother-in-law : While Brad was deathly ill, Paul’s role on family “visits” was to dart in & out of rooms snatching my to-do lists and peeping around while the rest of them kept me occupied.
10/05/2006 : Kanter International LLC (DE) Entity # 200628310071. (Cancelled)
12/27/2007 : The Kanter Company LLC. Entity # 200736310046 Santa Monica, CA.
2002 : GMP/KANTER FAMILY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP (Entity # 200204400024) Irvine, CA.
1999: Kanter Family Housing Partnership L.P. (199921900012) Calabasas, CA. 91302
11/15/1989 : KANTER GROUP, LTD, A CALIFORNIA LIMITED PARTNERSHIP. Entity # 198931900041 Beverly Hills, CA.
08/19/1985 : KANTER AND FOOTHILL PROPERTY, A CALIFORNIA LIMITED PARTNERSHIP. Entity # 198523200039. Huntington Beach, CA.
Kruger Financial Services : Wealth Planning & Management
2001 – 2008 Los Angeles : Jessica Sims, Edward Hackney, Sims Family Trust, Carolyn E. Sims (brad’s aunt)
1979 Ventura County : Arthur s. Hackney FBN Pleasant Valley Home Care Services
2009 – 2011 : Edward Sims, Seaside Financial Corporation, Sims Survivors Trust
1972 : Seaside Financial Corporation : Pasadena. CA. (Trustee Mortgage Bankers)
1993 – 2001 “Pleasant Valley Homes” Tract Foreclosures
1988 : Oxnard Development Associates, A California Limited Partnership : Irvine, CA.
1977 : Oxnard Marinas Inc : Torrence, CA
2002 – 2008 : Central Oxnard Development, LLC : Camarillo, CA.
Peter Braun : Orchard Foods Corporation CEO : Orchard Foods Corporation was the owner of 2218 Camilar prior to Lesmark Inc. (pre 1978)
1989 : JUNIOR GYM INC is located at 7756 Bass Ridge Trl Tallahassee, FL 32312. The officers include Jennifer A Ault & Christopher Lambert. ACTIVE.
Christopher Lambert : Real estate developer (Junior Gym Inc 1989)
2008 : Christopher Lambert : Consulters Edge LLC Located @ 1250 Highland Ave Cheshire, CT 06410
2011 : Christopher Lambert : Bloomberg profile. (See Junior Gym Inc) 1989
Jennifer Ault : JCB Banking Center Branch Operation Manager. (See Junior Gym Inc 1989 FL.)
1999 : Jennifer Ault : Old National Bancorp (see Junior Gym Inc 1989)
Jessica’s Facebook Page
Ernest Meadows : Trustee for 2218 Cotner Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. (Junior Gym Brad worked at)
2002 : Camelot USA inc Located @ 1150 Silverado St Ste 115 La Jolla, CA 92037
Ernest Meadows Industrial Design has a location @ @ 707 Greentree Rd Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
2011 Strategic Partners : PriceWaterHouseCooper & Mountain Partners/PETER BRAUN
2008 : Peter Braun / PriceWaterHouseCooper event speaker
2011 : Peter Braun : Mountan Club AG Switzerland : Owner of JUNIOR GYM INC (1975) Sarah’s Playhouse (1993/1996)
Peter Braun : JUNIOR GYM (1975) Sarah’s Playhouse (1993/1996)
2011 : The PCAOB and PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia fraud allegations
Credit Card Fraud & Money Laundering at Pricewaterhouse Coopers
PricewaterhouseCoopers: Blind to Fraud
2009 : PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Satyam fraud
2007 : PriceWaterHouseCooper Settles Tyco Investors’ Suit Over Fraud
2002 : YAHOO / RESUMIX / PriceWaterHouseCooper
2008 : PricewaterhouseCoopers : Yahoo!’s independent accounting firm.
2010 : Independent auditor’s report BY PriceWaterHouseCooper re : COMPUTERSHARE
Corporate Sponsored Nominee Terms and Conditions : “Computershare will maintain the register of persons for whom the Computershare Nominee holds Depositary Interests.”
2011 : Computershare Employee Theft Charges
2009 : Blackburn v. Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
2011 : Computershare sued over $43m stock heist
2009 : COMPUTERSHARE Reviews/Complaints
2007 : COMPUTERWARE / SEC Sanctions
Jack Poe Company Incorporated : Commercial Real Estate Appraisal & Consulting. Client : FUTURE INTERESTS Inc. (Claude Talan aka Paul Arnett aka Paul Manders)
2005 : Morris Rothe : executive at Hi-Point Townhomes LLC
1990 : JUSTIN JAY SHRENGER #151252 at 3440 Wilshire Blvd Ste 810 Los Angeles, CA 90010 : Admitted to The State Bar of California 1990 : ACTIVE.
Justin Evans, Justin Shrenger, Howard Zheng (2006)
Sino-Egyptian Travel Services, LLC (2003) : Justin Shrenger, Howard Zheng.
Kratos Government Solutions : KONSTANTINOS NICOLOPOULOS
Kratos Enterprises LTD : Company profile
DEEP MAGIC LLC : Justin Shrenger, Howard Zheng (2002)
CIC Development Corporation (2005) : Justin Shrenger
China’s Sovereign Wealth Fund CIC : Bloomberg
Wilshire Pacific Investments : Justin Shrenger, Howard Zheng (1998)
1993 : 12423 LUCILLE : Owner JUSTIN SHRENGER. (This home is 2 houses behind 5411 Centinela Ave. 90066, where Brad & i Lived.
Howard Zheng : Corporation Wiki
Howard Zheng : Associate at Morgan Stanley (2011- Linked In)
Dalian, China : Wikipedia
1994 : JUSTIN J. SHRENGER, A Professional Corporation is located at 333 S Grand Ave Fl 33 Los Angeles, CA 90071 : NOT ACTIVE. (This address is also affiliated with US Softbank Corporation (1983)
1982 : EIDETICS CORPORATION. President Justin J. Shrenger.
1994 : SHRENGER & CHAO APC located at 3440 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 810 Los Angeles, California 90010 USA. This address affiliated with Justin Shrenger (1997) : ACTIVE.
1986 : JAMUL ASSOCIATES, A California Limited Partnership is located at 13881 Campo Rd Ste A-4 Jamul, CA 91935. The officers include Louis C Rodriguez, Stephanie F Castro. Affiliated with William Carter Sims / Bradford Carter Sims, Justin Shrenger : NOT ACTIVE.
2005 : Kratos Enterprises has a location @ 3440 Wilshire Blvd Ste 810 Los Angeles, CA 90010. Officer Stephen Nicolopolous. Justin Shrenger, a professional corporation, is also at this address.
JUSTIN J. SHRENGER’s other office is at 550 South Hope Street, 20th Floor, Los Angeles, California 90071
1997 : JUSTIN J. SHRENGER, A Professional Corporation is located at 3440 Wilshire Blvd Ste 810 Los Angeles, CA 90010. This address is affiliated with Stephen Nicolopolus (1999) and Kratos Enterprises (2005) and Shrenger & Chao (1994) : NOT ACTIVE.
2002 : DEEP MAGIC LLC : Justin Shrenger, Howard Zheng
2003 : ERLINDA SHRENGER: Justin’s Wife &; Deputy Attorney General, California Department of Justice, Los Angeles 90013
Biography for Justin Eugene Evans (2011)
1977 : MYSTIC ARTS Ltd. (Executive Justin Evans)
STEWART TITLE : Provided title insurance for 3820 Shakespeare Dr. (2005 / Seller Elisabeth Sims, Buyer MORRIS ROTHE.) I spoke to Vince GERACI @ Stewart Title today. (8185022797) When I pointed out that “Morris Rothe” is a fictitious name executive of Hi-Point Townhomes & NOT a living human being as recorded (notarized signature etc) in real estate transactions, he raised his voice and said ” YOU GOTTA PROBLEM WITH THAT?”
Geraci Law Firm : Irvine, CA : Legal Advisor to Stewart Title (above)
2007 : CONSUMERS TITLE COMPANY OF SOUTHERN CALIF (8054957200): Staff includes Lisa MCGINLEY (Grandaughter of James McGinley of 2219 Camilar L.P) & Arlene YBARRA.(1977 RATCO PRODUCTIONS/Frank YBARRA) Title Co. for 2010 Sale of 2218 Camilar Dr. Camarillo, Ca. (Gerst, Trustee/Conservator to SNOW Trust.)
2011 : Thomas M Hagerty, Managing Director @ Thomas H. Lee Partners LP: This person is connected to 10 Board Members in 10 different organizations across 16 different industries….Ceridian, Fidelity National, Morgan Stanley, First Bancorp, Greentree, Stevens, Lyon & Hagerty Wealth Management LLC (2008) .. The Village Green Owners Association (1973) ..Pleasant Valley Development (1977) and (2006) and etc.
2009 : LYONS WEALTH MANAGEMENT LLC : ALAN D. LYONS is one of the executive owners of SARAH’S PLAYHOUSE(1993) AND JUNIOR GYM (1996). Affiliated: ALAN D. LYONS INC (1983) There used to be an online profile (w/pic) for Alan D. Lyons (LinkedIn) that said he was the Regional Director for LYONS WEALTH MANAGEMENT LLC and previously held a position as President for KEYSTONE PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT and PRODUCT BUZZ. I talked to a man at Lyons Wealth Management) who said “Alan D. Lyons is a fictional name.” He was very nervous. There is a new name for Regional director listed presently : “Alan Stevens” (of Stevens, Lyon & Hagerty Wealth Management LLC/ 2008)
1977 : RATCO PRODUCTIONS : 938 Coral Drive Pebble Beach, Ca 93953. Officers, Iris Rainer Dart, Stephen Dart, Frank R. YBARRA (6318 Sombrero Ave. Cypress, Ca.92845. There are more than 3,000 real estate trans in Frank Ybarra’s name. SEC Registrant : KENNETH L. FISHER @ 13100 Skyline Blvd. Woodside, Ca 94062 and Copy to : DAVID HEARTH ESQ. @ PAUL, HASTINGS, JANOFSKY & WALKER LLP. 345 California St. San Francisco, Ca. 94104. RATCO PRODUCTIONS was filed on 09/23/1977; Brad’s 24th birthday & is affiliated with JUNIOR GYM & Mathew Fishburn CPA.
1969 : CTC Real estate services : West Hills, Calif.
1972 : CTC Real Estate Services Inc. : Florida ( Affiliated w/ William E. Sims and Countrywide Financial Corporation.
ART HOWELL : NETWORK FINESS INC. Art was our upstairs neighbor at 5411 Centinela Drive 90066, and a 20 yr. friend of Brad’s. Art warned me in 2007 not to file a lawsuit against the Sims and Junior Gym : “THAT lawsuit won’t last long since they’ll just hire someone to kill you for a thousand dollars or less.” Art knew about Brad’s real estate and stock market investments, and proposed joint ventures to Brad on multiple occasions over the years. Art’s last xmas gift to Brad (2 wks before he died) was a bottle of whisky. I will probably never forget the look on Brad’s face.
1990 : Capital Koyama International, Inc. has a location @ 614 W 6th St Los Angeles, CA 90017 INACTIVE.
2011 : JAMES MCGINLEY Architectural Services company @ 5325 LEHIGH ST Ventura, California 93003 (2219 CAMILAR PARTNERSHIP)
Hiepler and Hiepler (law Offices) : James Mcginley
2011 : Roy Koyama : Minister @ Universal Life Church
2011 : Claude Talan; This is the man I spoke to on the phone and by email in 2009. He implied threat to my and my children’s lives and wanted copies of all the real estate records I had between him and Morris Rothe. A very polite but unsavory persona. he kept asking me how much I liked my children.
2011 : Carolann Thompson, JUNIOR GYM secretary @ 2218 Cotner Ave. 90066 for 20 + years. Carole Ann was too afraid of Brad’s business partners to “get involved.” Brad was fond of her and taught her children gymnastics.
2011: Dennis Hightower, Brad’s friend of 30 years. While Brad was deathly ill, Dennis offered me a deal : he would tell me where/how the Sims family had hidden/transferred Brad’s assets, if I would agree to go into business with him after Brad died. When I insisted that Brad needed access to his money NOW, Dennis replied that spending Brad’s money to try to save his life would be “a waste of good money”.. Dennis Hightower & Kathleen Kiernan took a tropical vacation together while Brad was dying, using the Sims family timeshare.
2011 : Dennis C. Hightower (SPOKEO bio) Same address on S. Centinela but different statistics ..
2011 : Dominique Kanter; MOVEWEST real estate Agent.(Brad’s Sister aka Genese Sims) While Brad was deathly ill, Dominique was having her home extensively custom remodeled and taking vacations to Hawaii, while telling me the entire family was bankrupt… no money for Brad’s healthcare. May all the demons in hell come for you when it’s your time Genese Sims. Before that may all of your plastic surgery fail at the same moment.
(?) 2011: Peter Braun; Bank of America Vice-President, N.C.
2009 : Peter Braun: JUNIOR GYM 1975; SARAH’S PLAYHOUSE 1993; LYON’S GYMNASTIC ACADEMY 1998; etc) Peter & Judy Braun knew Brad Sims for 30 years and knows Brad had retirement investments through Junior Gym and it’s affiliated investment corporations. I called Peter Braun in 2009; he got upset & said he didn’t want to be involved.
2011 : Jaesen Kanter (Brad’s Nephew) : While Brad was deathly ill, Jaesen Kantor aka Jason Sims arranged a meeting with me at a local restaurant and proceeded to offer his services as negotiator between the Sims family & myself. Brad was still breathing but they felt no need to deal with him directly in regards to his own money. The only reason I didn’t take this little sob to the floor right there was because I knew I had to get back home to Brad. (as opposed to being arrested for assault) May your actions follow you for a lifetime, Jason. You betrayed the uncle who loved you in exchange for your share of the loot.
1982 : Pleasant Valley Development Corporation has a location @ 5201 Leesburg Pike Ste 1600 Falls Church, VA 22041. Active officers include Billman, Tom J., Swindell, Gary W, McKinney, Barbara A., Cunningham, Joseph, McCuiston, Clayton C and Swindel, Gary W. INACTIVE
2011 : Jaesen Kanter aka Jason Sims: Creative Director at Mammoth Media Group (Brad’s Nephew)
2008 : Stevens Lyon & Hagerty Wealth Management, LLC
1968 : Lesmark Investment Company
1982 : Lesmark Inc
1984 : Camilar Limited, A California Limited Partnership
2006 : Lesmark Custom Homes LLC
2011 : LESMARK Strategic Real Estate Services
2004 : Citywide Mortgage Loan Inc, Camarillo, Calif.
2011 : Roy Koyama, Citywide Mortgage Inc
2011 : ROY KOYAMA (Keep Emily Safe Site)
1973 : The Village Green Owners Association. Officer : STEVE HAGGERTY.
Stevens Lyon & Hagerty CPAs : Santa Monica
2008 : Stevens Lyon & Hagerty Wealth Management, LLC
1996 : VILLAGE 99 . Executive Michael Wimberly
2006 : Pleasant Valley Developments, LLC @ 2510G Las Posas Rd Ste 123 Camarillo, CA 93010. Officers ROY KOYAMA and STEVE HAGGERTY.
1977 : Pleasant Valley Development Company @ 233 Wilshire Blvd Rm 550 Santa Monica, CA 90401
1982 : MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CONCEPTS. Executive Roy Koyama.
JUNIOR GYM TIME : Trademark owners Shelly Bonnaccoursi and Camille Gauthier. (Junior Gym Inc 1996 and Sarah’s Playhouse 1993)
2005 : “Junior Gym Time” Trademark: Filed by Natalie A. Levesque (Junior Gym Inc 1996 and Sarah’s Playhouse 1993)
Alan Stevens : used to say ‘Alan D. Lyons’. (Linked In)
2011 : Alan D. Lyons : International and corporate attorney. Guest speaker profile @ KidsTalk.
Alan D. lyons : Manager at Alan D. Lyons Associates
Alan D. Lyons & Associates Law and Trade Offices
1970 : WILLIAM E. SIMS ( Brad’s father) : 3330 W Manchester Blvd. Inglewood, California. 90305. Broker License # 00243974
1975 – 2006 : JUNIOR GYM Inc. @ 2218 COTNER AVE.. 90064 >> That’s Brad Sims at the top with the ballerina baby. Dermot Kiernan worked here also, as well as Carole Ann Thompson (Secretary, payroll, receptionist). In the last months of his life, Brad instructed me call CaroleAnn to have her write a $500.00 check out to him. CaroleAnn fell over herself assuring me that she would get it in the mail asap. Brad hadn’t worked at Junior Gym for over a year by that time.
1975 : JUNIOR GYM INC located at 2452 Cheremoya Ave Los Angeles, CA 90068. Officers: Judy & Peter Braun, Bela Hajnel (1980), William E. Sims & Associates (1975). AFFILIATED : Junior Gym Inc. (1989) Omnibus LLC (1999) Dissolved 1989.
2452 Cheramoya Ave. Los Angeles, Ca 90068 : Blockshopper
2452 Cheremoya Ave Los Angeles Ca. 90068 :
1975 : William E. Sims & Associates is located at 5757 W Century Blvd.tSte 700 Los Angeles, CA 90045. Officer : William E Sims.
1975 : STEPHEN DART PRODUCTIONS at 8480 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048. Officer : Stephen Dart. Affiliated with Action Fitness LLC (2002), Ratco Productions (1977) and The Beverly Center. Not Active.
1976 : COMPUTERWARE INC located at 605 W California Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94086. : AFFILIATED: Junior Gym Inc (2009), Junior Gym LLC (2002), Jm Saghi Enterprises (1993), The Junior Gym of Sunnyvale, The Little Gym of San Mateo (1993), Sarah’s Playhouse Inc (1993), Computerware inc (1984) Computerware Inc (1998) Computerware Inc (2011) : SUSPENDED.
8480 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, Ca. 90048 : Currently Marshall’s @ The Beverly Center : from
8500 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048 : Currently The Beverly Center, (built in 1982) : from
KENNETH E. WONG >> YAHOO! Executive : From Spoke
1977 : PLEASANT VALLEY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, Santa Monica, Calif. Officers : Roy Koyama, Steve Haggerty.
2003 : Sino-Egyptian Travel Services, LLC. Officers : Justin Shrenger, Howard Zheng.
1998 : WILSHIRE PACIFIC INVESTMENTS : Howard Zheng, Justin Shrenger
1993 : POLI ASSOCIATES Insurance Group Corporation is located at P O box 272137 Tampa, FL 33688. The officers include Julie Poli. NOT ACTIVE.
1992 POLI INTERNATIONAL TRADING INC is located at 9854 SW 88th St Apt B213 Miami, FL 33176 : NOT ACTIVE.
938 Coral Dr Pebble Beach CA 93953 : REALTOR.COM
1978 : J.M. SAGHI INVESTMENT CORPORATION at 1 Market Plz # 2015 San Francisco, CA 94105. Officer James M Saghi. Not Active.
1979 : NETWORK SOLUTIONS LLC : Headquarters Herndon, VA, United States : Parent GENERAL ATLANTIC : From Wikipedia.
NETWORK SOLUTIONS LLC, NAME SECURE LLC is located at 13861 Sunrise Valley Drive # 300 Herndon, VA. 20171-6126 : From Manta
1980 : L. H. HAJNAL & ASSOCIATES is located at 375 SURFVIEW DRIVE Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. The officers include Leslie Hajnal. ACTIVE.
BELA HAJNAL @ 375 SURFVIEW DRIVE Pacific Paliades, CA : Early partner in Junior Gym Inc (1975) Affiliated with MORRIS ROTHE, HI POINT TOWNHOMES INC (2005) CLAUDE TALAN (2003).
1980 : GENERAL ATLANTIC LLC : Located at Three Pickwick Plaza Greenwich, CT 0683 : From Bloomberg Business Week : 2011
1981 : SOFTBANK CORPORATION : Located at Tokyo Shiodome Bldg., 1-9-1, Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7303 : ACTIVE.
1983 : GENERAL ATLANTIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION : is located at 9 Lombard St San Francisco, CA 94111. The officers include J Michael Windsor : NOT ACTIVE.
1983 : US SOFTBANK CORP : 333 S GRAND AVENUE Ste 1570 Los Angeles, CA 90071. NOT ACTIVE. (This address is also affiliated with Justin J. Shrenger (1994) and Partheon Holdings, LLC (1995 Justin Shrenger page)
1983 : FUTURE INTERESTS INC Is located at 2327 19th Ave San Francisco, CA 94116: Affiliated with Claude Talan. INACTIVE.
1983 : ALAN LYONS INC. : #C1214473 809 W. Harbor Dr. # E San Diego, Ca.92101 Date Incorporated : 10/24/1983 Status : SUSPENDED. (NOTE : Now ACTIVE with address change & Alan changed to “Allan”) ALAN LYONS is a fictional name who had online profiles listing “him” as Regional Director of Lyons Wealth Management LLC, with previous positions as President @ Keystone Portfolio Management and Product Buzz.
1983 : JUDY BRAUN PRODUCTIONS INC is located at 1333 Piedra Morada Dr Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. Officer Judy Braun. NOT ACTIVE. (This address is also affiliated with 1333 PIEDRA MORADA DRIVE, A California Limited Partnership (1987)
1984 : FISHER ASSOCIATES Montgomery R. Fisher, Ptr. at 2126 Cotner Ave Los Angeles, CA 90025. Officer Montgomery Ross Fisher. Active
1984 : COMPUTERWARE INC located at 5050 SE FEDERAL HWY STUART FL 34997. Agent : Lawrence A. Kaufman. AFFILIATED : Computerware Inc (1976) Computerware Inc (1998) Computerware Inc (2011) INACTIVE.
1984 : SECURITY PACIFIC CREDIT CORPORATION ID# C1249107: at 10089 Willow Creek Rd San Diego, CA 92131. Officers : Richard A Rodgers, Nicholas Burns Binkley, Dennis D. Lamont, Daniel E. Martyn Jr. and BRADFORD C. SIMS : Withdrawn 2007
1984 : SECURITY PACIFIC TRADING CORPORATION is located at 330 S HOPE STREET Fl 52 Los Angeles, CA 90071. The officers include Vanderleek, Robert D. Peterson, Conrad A. Feghali, Joseph C. Getzelman, John C. Williamson, Robert P. Stevens. (Taxpayer # 19538605169: Brad Sims). NOT ACTIVE.
1985 : SIMS INVESTMENT GROUP has a location @ 16652 Intrepid Ln Huntington Beach, CA 92649.Agent Bonnie J Blackstone. INACTIVE.
1985 : KIERNAN & ASSOCIATES Located at 6885 N. ORACLE RD. SUITE G TUCSON, AZ 85704 : Officers Thomas G KIERNAN, Barbara J KIERNAN : Name changed from : T. G. KIERNAN & ASSOCIATES, INC. (1998) ACTIVE. From Arizona Corporation Commission
1985 : KIERNAN & ASSOCIATES : 3142 Swan Rd, Tucson, AZ. 85712
1987 : 1333 PIEDRA MORADA DRIVE, A CALIFORNIA LIMITED PARTNERSHIP located at 1715 CAMDEN AVE. Ste 307 Los Angeles, CA 90025. The officers include Thomas C D Wong. (This address is also affiliated with JUDY BRAUN Productions 1983)
1988 : SOFTBANK AMERICA INC is located at 766 Haverford Ave Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. The officers include Theodore A Dolotta : NOT ACTIVE.
1988 – 2009 : VONA SNOW aka Vona MCMURRAY : Ventura County Grant Deed
1989 : COTNER DEVELOPMENT Inc. at 2126 Cotner Ave Los Angeles, CA 90025. Officer Montgomery Ross Fisher. Not Active.
1989 : FISHER DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATES, A California Limited Partnership at 2126 Cotner Ave Los Angeles, CA 90025. Officers : Cotner Development, Inc. Not Active
1990 : J.P. MORGAN CALIFORNIA is located at 333 S HOPE STREET Fl 35 Los Angeles, CA 90071. The officers include George W Rowe. NOT ACTIVE.
1991 : SIMS ASSOCIATES INC is located at 7676 Hazard Center Dr San Diego, CA 92108. The officers include Michael N Sims. (Michael is Brad’s Nephew) Stephen Hubble, Bradford C. Sims : NOT ACTIVE.
1993 : THE LITTLE GYM OF SAN MATEO is located at PO Box 2105 El Granada, CA 94018. The officers include Marshall Pierson : NOT ACTIVE.
1993 : J.M. SAGHI ENTERPRISES INC is located at 318 S B St Ste 2 San Mateo, CA 94401. The officers include James M Saghi. This address is also affiliated with JUNIOR GYM LLC (2002) and JUNIOR GYM INC (2009 ). ID #C1828126 : DISSOLVED.
1993 : SARAH’S PLAYHOUSE : ID # C1724072 : 14720 Oxnard St. Van Nuys, CA. 91411 : Afffiliated with Junior Gym LLC (2002) , Junior Gym Inc (1996), JM Saghi Enterprises (1993) Computerware (1976 /1978), Virtual Headquarters (1996), Virtual Office, Alan Lyons Inc (1983) and Lyons WeaLth Management LLC : DISSOLVED.
1993 : NETWORK FINESSE INC Network Finesse, Inc. is located at 6242 Westchester Pkwy Ste 240 Los Angeles, CA 90045 : Owner Art Howell @ 5411 Centinela 90066; our upstairs neighbor and Brad’s friend for many years. ACTIVE.
1994 : SOFTBANK HOLDINGS INC is located at 1 Park Ave Fl 2 New York, NY 10016. The officers include Ronald Fisher. NOT ACTIVE..
1995 : NAMESECURE INC (NETWORK SOLUTIONS LLC) is located at 1855 Gateway Blvd # 1050 Concord, CA 94520. The officers include Irfan Salim : NOT ACTIVE.
1995 : RESUMIX Acquired by CERIDIAN (1995)
1995 : LITTLE GYM LLC : Arizona : ACTIVE
1996 : JUNIOR GYM INC located at 14 LAFAYETTE ROAD NORTH HAMPTON NH 03862 : EXECUTIVES : Shelly Marie Bonaccorsi, Judy Braun, Justin Burrill, Elizabeth DePrimo, Dermit Kiernan, Lisa Dininno, Camille Gauthier, Dermot Kiernan, Natalie Ann Levesque, Alan D. Lyons, Denise Lyons, Al Lyons, Irene Nelson, Michael Sagh. AFFILIATED : Sarah’s Playhouse (1993 /1996), Junior Gym LLC (2002), Camp Junior Gym, Junior Gym Of San Mateo LLC, Junior Gym School of Gymnastics, JM Saghi Enterprises (1993), Computerware (1976/1978), Virtual Headquarters (1996), Virtual Office, Alan Lyons Inc (1983), Lyons Gymnastic Academy (1998) and Lyons WeaLth Management LLC (2009); 27 Lafayette Road Realty LLC, 14 Lafayette Rd. NH. Corp ID # 200204610079 : ACTIVE.
1996 : KENNETH L. FISHER : PURISIMA TOTAL RETURN : Lead Manager : PURIX Profile 2011. Affiliated with RATCO PRODUCTIONS (1977)
1996 : YAHOO JAPAN : Headquarters at Midtown Tower 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6211, Japan : ACTIVE.
1996 : VIRTUAL HEADQUARTERS INC is located at 17150 Butte Creek Dr Ste 200 Houston, TX 77090. The officers include Robert D Blackburn, Robert M Zoch : NOT ACTIVE.
1997 : RESUMIX INC is located at 8170 33rd Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55425. The officers include A Ameri, Amir Ameri, James R Burkle, Martin S McKendry, McKendry , R E Eaton, S J Ciesinski, Stephen J Ciesinsk : NOT ACTIVE.
1997 : PENINSULA GYMNASTICS INC is located at 1740 Leslie St San Mateo, CA 94402. The officers include Mikhail Margulis : ACTIVE.
1998 : COMPUTERWARE INC is located at 2233 E Olive Rd Pensacola, FL 32514. The officers include John C Feller. AFFILIATED : Computerware Inc (1976) Computerware Inc (1984) Computerware Inc (2011) : ACTIVE.
1998 : LYONS GYMNASTICS ACADEMY Boosters is located at 14720 Oxnard St Van Nuys, CA 91411. The officers include Lisa P Dininno. ACTIVE.
1998 : LEGACY PARTNERS 2219 LP has a location @. officers include C. Preston Butcher, Gary J. Rossi, Legacy Partners LLC, Mack Pogue Inc, CT Corporation System. INACTIVE.
1999 : OMNIBUS LLC is located at 1120 Granville Ave Ste 301 Los Angeles, CA 90049. The officers include Michael David Braun. AFFILIATED: Junior Gym Inc (1975) : NOT ACTIVE
1999: GENSPRING FAMILY OFFICES LLC : Executives: MARK FELDMAN (Phoenix, Az Chairman) JAMES W. RASMUSSEN, (Sun Trust Banks) Brian E. SZABO (Sun Trust Bank) : ACTIVE.
1999 : COMPETIX LLC : located at 5560 Bee Ridge Rd Ste D-2 Sarasota, FL 34233. The officers include Colin Smith, Kathleen O’Neill, Michael Manning, Nancy Yurek, Rick Witschonke, Sandy Devine : NOT ACTIVE.
1999 : COMPUTERSHARE INC located at 101 E. 52ND STREET, LEVEL 34 NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10022: TERMINATED on 1-16-2007
1999 : STEPHEN NICOLOPULOS : Lawndale Official Indicted on Drug Possession Charges. (Owner of KRATOS ENTERPRISES (2009) AFFILIATED : Justin Shrenger, (1997 & 1994) Jamul Associates (2008) Hi=Point Townhomes (2005) I spoke to Stephen Nicolopolus in 2009 regarding Case # 20071891085 Los Angeles County. He said he was a deputy D.A. In the Los Angeles real estate fraud division in L. A. County.
1999 : WILLIAM CARTER SIMS aka William E. Sims / Sherry Sims : Los Angeles Blockshopper
1999 : JOHN MURRAY : Executive of HOT JOBS.COM LTD & DEUTSCHE Bank : from Bloomberg Businessweek: 2011. (Vona Snow aka Vona McMurray aka Snow Trust (1988)
2000 : RONALD D. FISHER : GSI COMMERCE : from GSI website.
2000 : COMPETIX INC Competix, Inc. is located at 111 W Monroe St Chicago, IL 60603. The officers include Pamela L Salaway: NOT ACTIVE.
2000 : INKTOMI CORPORATION is located at 701 First Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94089. The officers include Dan Rosenwig, Michael Callahan, Susan Decker : NOT ACTIVE.f
2001 : ATLANTIS PRODUCTIONS LLC located at 6001 RED PLUM CT TAMARAC FL 33321. AFFILIATED: Action Fitness Inc / Philippe Til Tomaszewski (2007) Action Fitness Inc (2006) Action Fitness LLC (2002) JUNIOR GYM INC (1989). INACTIVE 9-26-2008.
2001 : MALIBU GYMNASTICS INC located at 1350 Camino Cristobal Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. Officer Elizabeth Marino. AFFILIATED : Junior Gym Inc.(1996), Junior Gym LLC (2002), Sarah’s Playhouse (1993) Westlake Village Junior Gym (2008.) Prior address : 1145 Lindero Canyon rd. Westlake Village Calif 91362 : NOT ACTIVE.
2002 : COMPUTERSHARE INC located at 250 Royall Street Canton, MA 02021. ACTIVE.
2005 : CIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORTION is located at 3440 Wilshire Blvd Ste 810 Los Angeles, CA 90010. The officers include Justin J Shrenger : NOT ACTIVE.
NXT EQUITIES INC : ROBERT HIRSH, Industry Partner, REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY / JIM HIRSH lived at 5411 Centinela # 5 90066 / Brad’s neighbor & friend for 20 + years until Jim’s death in 2004.
2004 ; NXT EQUITIES INC : Justin Shrenger, Industry Partner, CIVIL LITIGATOR : NXT EQUITIES.COM : ACTIVE.
2002 : ALLPREDICTIVE INC (#C2277516) located at 36464 DIEGO DR. FREMONT CA 94536 Officer Peter Braun. This Corporation is affiliated with Junior Gym, 2218 Cotner Ave. Los Angeles 90064 : SUSPENDED.
2002 : ACTION FITNESS LLC is located at 4380 Monaco St San Diego, CA 92107. Prior address was 8480 Beverly Drive. 90048. (Stephen Dart Productions 1975) : ACTIVE. AFFILIATED : Action Fitness Inc (2006) Action Fitness Inc (2007)
2002 : JUNIOR GYM LLC is located at 101 S B St San Mateo, CA 94401. The officers include Elizabeth De Primo, Justin Burrill. This address is also affiliated with JM SAGHI ENTERPRISES (1993) and JUNIOR GYM INC (2009) : DISSOLVED.
2003 : NAMESECURE INC (NETWORK SOLUTIONS LLC) is located at 487 E Middlefield Rd Mountain View, CA 94043. The officers include Stratton D Sclavos : NOT ACTIVE.
2003 : PALM & POLI ASSOCIATES is located at 2201 Statham Blvd Ste 117 Oxnard, CA 93033. The officers include Dave O White, Lee S Sehon. NOT ACTIVE.
2006 : POLIAS ENTERPRISES LLC Polias Enterprises, LLC is located at 3440 Wilshire Blvd Ste 810 Los Angeles, CA 90010. The officers include Justin J Shrenger. (Affiliated with Vona Snow, Snow Trust) NOT ACTIVE.
2003 : CLAUDE TALAN : He wanted all records I had concerning his transactions with Morris Rothe. He hoped I could find a peace of mind, and he wanted to know if I like my children. (phone & email 2009) Affiliated with Morris Rothe, Hi-Point Townhomes (2005), L.H. Hajnal Associates (1980) and Bela Hajnal. (JUNIOR GYM 1975)
2004 : Innovative Properties & Development, LLC @ 4460 W Shaw Ave Ste 201 Fresno, CA 93722. ( See 2011 : Brad Simms / Innovative Property Development
2005 : HI-POINT TOWNHOMES LLC Hi Point Townhomes LLC is located at 3128 Barbydell Dr Los Angeles, CA 90064. The officers include Medhat Nayel, Michael Math, Morris Rothe : Affiliated with Justin Shrenger, Michael Wimberly, Veronica Love : ACTIVE.
2007 : China Flexes Its Muscles With New Investment Arm – Bloomberg Business Week.
2007 : Justin Evans, Justin Shrenger, Howard Hui Zheng : Case Law, Lexis Nexis
SHRENGER & CHAO : Justin Shrenger & Jason Chao. AFFILIATED : Partheon Holdings, LLC (1995) and Carmel Investments Company (2003) : see on Justin Shrenger page.
2005 : 777 POLI STREET VENTURA, CA : APN # 072-0-105-100 / Owner : VONA SNOW / SNOW TRUST
2005 : KRATOS ENTERPRISES LLC : Kratos Enterprises LLC is located at 3440 Wilshire Blvd Ste 810 Los Angeles, CA 90010. The officers include Stephen Nicolopulos (1999) : This address affiliated with Justin Shrenger (1997) : ACTIVE.
2006 : JASON CHAO INC is located at 1327 S Golden Vista Dr West Covina, CA 91791 : ACTIVE.
2006 : ACTION FITNESS, INC located at 1641 Armacost Ave Ste 1 Los Angeles, CA 90025. Registered Agent : Philippe Tomaszewski : ACTIVE. AFILLIATED ; Action Fitness Inc (2007) Action Fitness LLC (2002)
2006 : Justin Eugene Evans, Justin Shrenger, Howard Hui Zheng
2006 / 2007 : YANLING CAO : Senior Associate at GENERAL ATLANTIC & Investment Banking Analyst at GOLDMAN SACHS : From Linked In
2007 : JASON Yuen CHAO #250735 located at Bohm, Matsen, Kegel & Aguilera LLP 695 Town Center Dr 7th Fl Costa Mesa, CA 92626 : Admitted to The State Bar of California : ACTIVE.
2007 : HI-POINT TOWNHOMES: MICHAEL WIMBERLY, Michael Math, MORRIS ROTHE, Veronica LOVE, Tina Cole, JUSTIN SHRENGER, William BURTON AKA William E. SIMS (Case # 20071891085 Los Angeles County 2007 Judgemnet)
2007 : 4377 Deerpark Ct. Westlake Village, Ca 91361 : Owner BRADFORD CARTER SIMS aka Brad Sims.
2007 : ACTION FITNESS INC @ 2218 Cotner Ave Los Angeles, Ca. 90064. President : Philippe Til Tomaszewski. (Philippe was a part-time employee at the gym and is a personal friend of Dermot Kiernan.) AFFILIATED : Action Fitness LLC (2002); Action Fitness Inc (2006) Atlantis Productions LLC (2001) Atlantis Productions (2010)
2007 : PETER BRAUNSTEIN ASSOCIATES INC. is located at 56 Martens Blvd San Rafael, CA 94901. The officers include Peter Braunstein : ACTIVE.
2007 : WITHDRAWN : RESUMIX CONNETICUT : Withdrawn 9-11-07
2007 : WITHDRAWN : RESUMIX INC : NORTH CAROLINA : Withdrawn 9-11-07
2007 : WITHDRAWN : RESUMIX INC DBA YAHOO RESUMIX : Corporate ID: C2126093 : Filed 1988 / Withdrawn 9-11-2007
2007 : WITHDRAWN : SECURITY PACIFIC CREDIT CORPORATION : ID# C1249107 San Diego, California (1984)
2007 : YAHOO JAPAN will list shares on Jasdaq : 2-16-2007
2007 : TERMINATED : COMPUTERSHARE INC : Ended on 01/16/2007
2007 : CERIDIAN INC: Paid out shares & became a private company IN 2007
2007 : CERIDIAN Shareholder Opposes $5.3 Billion Buyout
2007 : CERIDIAN is acquired by Thomas H. Lee Partners and FIDELITY NATIONAL FINANCIAL. CERIDIAN common stock ceased trading on the NYSE on November 9, 2007 and is delisted from the NYSE.
2007 : ARTHUR HOWELL : informed me that if I ever managed to file a lawsuit, it wouldn’t last long since it would only cost about 1000 dollars to have me killed. Art was Brad’s friend for 20+ years & our upstairs neighbor at 5411 Centinela Ave. 90066 and Owner of NETWORK FINESSE (1993)
2008 : CMRE FINANCIAL SERVICES Abstract Judgement : 01/08/2008 Los Angeles County GRANTOR : WILLIAM BURTON AKA WILLIAM E. SIMS
2008 : PURE PRESSURE LLC, 2218 Camilar Drive, Camarillo, Ca.
2008 : Michael Scharff – Managing Member of Pure Pressure LLC in Camarillo. SCHARFF TRUST bought 2218 Camilar Drive from ROY KOYAMA on 7/29/05.
2008 : THE SURVIVOR’S TRUST UNDER THE TRUST: Member of The Robert Feldman Family Limited Partnership.
2008 : WESTLAKE VILLAGE JUNIOR GYM LLC is located at 23901 Calabasas Rd Ste 2018 Calabasas, CA 91302. Registered Agent, CRAIG A SZABO : ACTIVE. (Brian E. Szabo, Genspring Family Offices LLC (1999)
2008 : SIMS FAMILY L.P. is located at 2021 Mother Grundy Truck Trl Jamul, CA 91935. The officers include Sherry Sims, William Carter Sims : ACTIVE.
2008 : VONA SNOW vs Bennie Sims /Jessica Sims : Unlawful Detainer : 4-24-08 Ventura County Public Records. SNOW TRUST is now the owner of 2218 Camilar Drive (2010)
2008 : “SIMS 2004 TRUST” foreclosure, 4111 San Juan Ave. Oxnard Ca. 4-28-08 : from Redfin
2008 : ROBERT F. CALLAHAN: Media Veteran, Named Special Advisor to General Atlantic
2008 : JASON CHAO : Senior Manager, Valuation Services, ERNEST & YOUNG LLP
2009 : JUNIOR GYM INC is located at 101 S B St San Mateo, CA 94401. The officers include Justin Burrill. This address is also affiliated with JM SAGHI ENTERPRISES (1993) and JUNIOR GYM LLC (2002) : ACTIVE
2009 : ALL-STARZ Child Development Center LLC is located at 1863 32nd St Sarasota, FL 34234. The officers include Powell Ella, Roderick L Walton. ACTIVE.
2009 : LYONS WEALTH HOLDINGS LLC is located at 807 W Morse Blvd Ste 105 Winter Park, FL 32789. ACTIVE.
2010 : B-COMPETIX INC is located at 506 N Garfield Ave Ste 210 Alhambra, CA 91801 : ACTIVE
2010 : ATLANTIS PRODUCTIONS LLC Located at 394 KNIGHT DRIVE TARPON SPRINGS FL 34688. AFFILIATED : Action Fitness Inc / Philippe Til Tomaszewski (2007) Action Fitness Inc (2006) Action Fitness LLC (2002) JUNIOR GYM INC (1989). ACTIVE.
2010 : 2218 CAMILAR DRIVE 93010 / APN # 1510260185 : Current Owner SNOW Juliette Family Trust. 06/21/2010. (Vona SNOW vs BENNIE SIMS (2008)
2010 : YAHOO! & COMPUTERSHARE Correspondence with Jessica Sims 2010 : sign in to FB to see it, or click on “YAHOO RESUMIX” page above.
2010 : 695 County Square Dr. # 13, sold for $25,000 in 2010 : from
2010 : MITSUBISHI UFJ TRUST AND BANKING CORPORATION : “Yahoo! Japan Transfer Agent” according to KAREN DELGADO.
2010 : 1022 RICHLAND COURT Chico : my Experian Credit Report address
2011 : ROY LESTER KOYAMA booked on 6/20/2011 (3rd post down)
2011 : (??) BRAD SIMS INSURANCE : Meridian, MS. ( I called this biz in 2010 & the phone was answered by an unconfident elderly man.)
2011 : Howard Zheng : Associate at Morgan Stanley
2011 : (??) “Brad Sims in Meridian, MS is a private company” : Manta 2011
2011 (??) : Brad Simms : Principal at Innovative Property Development, Los Angeles : Linked In
2011 : Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Morgan Stanley Announce Agreement to Convert Morgan Stanley Convertible Preferred Stock to Common Stock 4/21/2011
2011 : COMPUTERWARE INC Located at 605 W California Ave. Sunnyvale, Ca. 94086. AFFILIATED : Computerware Inc (1976) Computerware Inc (1984) Computerware Inc (1998). ACTIVE.
MICHAEL WIMBERLY : Yahoo! Executive. ( Also affiliated with Hi-Point Townhomes, Justin Shrenger, Morris Rothe, Veronica Love.
ERNEST & YOUNG LLP : Wikipedia (Jason Chao 2008)
SNOW TRUST : Los Angeles Blockshopper
San Juan Ave. Property Records Oxnard, Ca. 93033 : A goldmine of short sales :
VICTORIA GARDENS : Condominium Association, Ventura California, Zip Code 93003, 67 Units
MORRIS ROTHE: Associate of Hi-Point Townhomes et al; Venice Way Realty; Morris Rothe Trust; buyer/seller of 3820 Shakespeare Drive, Oxnard, Ca : CorporationWiki
MORRIS ROTHE: Los Angeles Blockshopper
CLAUDE TALAN: AKA PAUL ARNETT, CLAUDE MANDERS : Associate of Morris Roth; Bela Hajnel; Junior Gym : Los Angeles Blockshopper
ARNETT TRUST: Los Angeles Blockshopper
MANDERS TRUST : Los Angeles Blockshopper
1960 : HUNT ENTERPRISES, Lawndale CA : Builder/Owner of Victoria Gardens (699 County Square Drive where “Jessica Sims” was served Unlawful Detainer 4/24/2008))
USA People Search Results : Joyce Mary Christensen
KENNETH L. FISHER : Purisima Total Return (PURIX) Fund Research & Analysis: from (SEC Registrant for RATCO Enterprises 1977)
ROBERT F. CALLAHAN : Chairman of NETWORK SOLUTIONS : Parent Company General Atlantic
5411 CENTINELA AVE 90066 : This is where BRAD SIMS lived from 1986 -2007. (I lived there 2001-2008)
KNOWX.COM : Best corporate searches for a fee
VENTURA COUNTY : Grantor Grantee Property Records Index
2002 : East Mississippi Broadcasters LLC
1999 : Jennifer Ault : Old National Bancorp
1999 : RESUMIX INC. located at 701 First Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94089. The officers include Blake Jorgensen, Michael Callahan, Susan Decker : Not Active.
1991: United Diversified Resources Inc @ 5729 S La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90056. President: William E. Sims
Dean Arora : Zillow Profile
1998: 9179 W Highland Pines Dr Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418. Sold @ $100 on 08/07/1998